The Internal Training Center (ITC) of IES is a professional training program organized within Iervolino Studios, part of ILBE Group, and a platform for existing and future professionals who are ready to learn and improve their skills through the use of the latest equipment, and by exchanging experiences and priceless knowledge. Students are internally trained for professional roles in the field of animation, film and VFX by directors, supervisors and leads.  

The lecturers are top experts in the field of animation from Serbia and abroad. Occasionally, the lecturers and workshop conductors are external professionals and esteemed guests. We also allow external students to sign up and attend these courses, which is one of the ways to scout talents for internships as well as recruit the best trainees for the most exciting jobs at Iervolino Studios. 

Iervolino Studios is oriented towards supporting the professional community as well as individuals through trust and knowledge and by encouraging them to be open-minded, innovative, proactive and courageous